Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Mahindra is most likely to launch its new global SUV, codenamed the W201, on September 26, 2011. As per our sources, the SUV manufacturer has already directed its vendors to gear up for the launch of its new flagship. 
The W201 is M&M’s first attempt at a monocoque vehicle, powered by a transverse engine driving the front wheels. It has got perfect proportions and looks hunkered down in a way only a monocoque or unibody construction allows. As seen from our computer-generated images, the high mounted, swept back headlamps and curved Mahindra grille look very attractive. The rising beltline and tapered roof give it an air of compactness and if Mahindra doesn’t add too many garish details, this almost certainly will be its most attractive product yet, which will be perfect for M&M, who is hoping its new generation vehicles will catapult it onto the global stage.

Under the skin, it will use a transversely located 2.2-litre mHawk engine and a new transaxle, specifically developed for the W201 entirely from scratch. There’s also an all-new, cable-operated gearbox with five- and six-speed options developed with help from Ricardo. Engine power will be increased from 120bhp to 140bhp and torque is estimated to be around 32.6kgm. The company is even evaluating bumping the power up to 170bhp in the future with a twin turbo version. There will also be a lot of goodies like traction control, ESP, and hill descent control as well.

The W201, Mahindra’s most important product, will be positioned above the Scorpio and it could cost around Rs 13 lakh for the base 2WD version. Watch this space for more.

Mahindra might launch its upcoming new global SUV, codenamed W201 on the 26th of September, 2011. The company is said to have already directed its vendors to prepare for the launch of their new flagship vehicle. The W201 is special for Mahindra as it is the first vehicle by the company to develop a monocoque vehicle, powered by a transverse engine and using a front wheel drive layout. The 2.2-liter mHawk motor will use a new transaxle which has been specially developed for the W201 from ground up. Further more, the 5 and 6-speed cable-operated gearbox is all new and has been developed with help from Ricardo. Power from the mHawk engine has been boosted to 140 BHP with torque of 32.6 kgm ensuring excellent performance in the real world. Mahindra is also contemplating of boosting power to 170 BHP with the help of twin-turbos.

The Mahindra W201 will feature a host of feature not seen on any Mahindra vehicle yet. These include ESP, TCS and hill descent control. One of the most important products for Mahindra, the W201 will be positioned as the new Mahindra flagship, sitting right above the Scorpio with prices starting around Rs. 12.5 lakhs for the 2-wheel driver version. A 4-wheel drive version will join in later but Mahindra expects majority of the sales to come from the 2-wheel drive version.

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