Friday, July 27, 2012

Toyota Innova & Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Comparison

Maruti Suzuki has entered the multi-purpose vehicle market with the launch of its Ertiga MPV at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The new Ertiga kick starts a new compact premium UV (utility vehicle) segment in India and will soon be joined by Chevrolet, Mahindra and others. So before the new players join the party let’s compare the pioneer of the mini MPV class, Ertiga with the ruling boss of this segment, the new Toyota Innova 2012 .

Pitching the new Ertiga (which means three rows in Indonesian language) against the recently facelifted Toyota Innova seems odd since they don’t belong to the same segment and are targeted at a different set of customer base. But going by the lack of options for MPV buyers in our automobile market the Ertiga vs Innova duel won’t feel out of place. The Utility Vehicle (UV= MPV + SUV) segment accounts for around 14 per cent of the total sale of vehicles in India and a 66 per cent of these are Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV), the segment where Ertiga is positioned.

Innova has been ruling Indian hearts for many years due to its proven reliability and workhorse powerplant. Maruti Suzuki’s Ertiga is new but coming from the stable of India’s largest automobile manufacture gives it a certain halo of trust in the eyes of masses. Though an MPV, the Ertiga has a very car-like styling and stance. The front resembles a buffed up Ritz hatchback while the peeled-back headlights are reminiscent of the new Swift which along with the pronounced wheel arches and a strong rising shoulder line gives it a bold stance. The rear has a distinct design with Honda Jazz like tail light. But it can still be easily identified from behind as a Maruti product with its trademark centrally located stop lamp at the bottom of the bumper.

With the launch of its Ertiga, Maruti not only intends to attract a new class of customers into its fold but also expects to take away many of the Toyota buyers who used to shop in the ‘Innova market’. Now that’s easier said than done. Ertiga does not make a style statement like say the Fluidic Hyundai but its appeal lies in the neutral ‘please all’ design and that’s what is going to help it be the choice of the whole family. So let’s try to decipher the new Ertiga while not forgetting what Innova has to offer.










                              INNOVA                ERTIGA

Length (mm)                       4585                                  4265

Width (mm)                         1760                                  1695

Height (mm)                        1760                                  1685

Wheelbase (mm)                  2750                                  2740

Boot (liter)                           400                                    135


Ertiga vs Innova: Engine & Fuel Efficiency.

Comparison           Innova (D)           Ertiga (D)            Innova (P)           Ertiga (P)

Power (ps)               102                       90                     132                      95

Torque (Nm)            200                      200                    181                     130

 Fuel Economy
(ARAI Kmpl)            12.99                  20.77                 10.35                  16.02









LXI            Rs. 588,999

VXI                  Rs. 659,999

VXI (ABS)         Rs. 667,999

ZXI                  Rs. 729,999

LDI                  Rs. 729,999

VDI                  Rs. 789,999            

ZDI                  Rs. 844,999


(STARTS FROM    Rs.876,985   TO    Rs.1,331,726)





( In my opinion, Innova is much bigger and more powerful than Ertiga. So Innova is better than Ertiga in quality)


  1. Everything is perfect about this car; except Innova Price. After having this much amount also it lacks in some features. IT is far more expensive then its competitors, in fact it enters the price segment where one can even go for any premium SUV’s

  2. Both car models are good and these car manufacturers are from traditional days. Sine these models lag in some features. These cars have decent mileage, interior and exterior design of a car, car tyres and an attractive look of a car. In fact, Car Dealers in India play a major role in trading these car models.

  3. After taking a view from each and every angle it's really looking too much better than other cars.Especially having a look on innova car tyre it's giving a fabulous look.